Zed makes cinematic documentaries, branded content, commercials, campaign films and music videos. The films we make focus on environmental sustainability, social justice and inclusivity as well as giving a voice to young people from underrepresented communities.

Creating visions of a sustainable future.

Our Process



We write and research stories that focus on authentic characters with distinctive voices. Zed never shies away from challenging topics or sensitive material, whether it’s making a music video about FGM or working with young people to support their message that muslims support LGBTQ+.



Our work has a distinctive cinematic quality that is never accidental. In an age of so much content is we pride ourselves in producing outstanding audio visual work. We operate in large and small crews based on what is most appropriate for the subject.



How a story comes together in post ultimately completes the narrative that will engage and connect with audiences. Attention to detail is important and we always strive to work with the best people in the industry in grading, motion graphics, animation, sound and music.



It’s best to make films with a strategy for dissemination already in place. Whether it’s with a broadcaster or content distributer, we partner with organisations to make sure the stories we make reach the appropriate audiences around the world.

Our objectives

Learn what you can expect from us.

Sustainability Vision

We produce audio and vision that puts sustainability at the centre of the work.

Uplifting Stories

The future doesn’t have to be bleak. Let’s change the narrative. Our stories are created to inspire and create positive change.

New Perspectives

We show new perspectives to benefit our collective knowledge. Zed actively supports the efforts and perspectives of the next generation of young people who lead a positive change in the world.


Channel 4, BBC, NHS England, The Department for International Development (DFID), The Guardian, Change.org, The United Nations, Integrate UK and Global Fund for Children.


Zed Productions is an independent production company launched in 2010 that specializes in documentaries, branded content, commercials, campaign films and music videos.

Over the years our focus has centred on stories about sustainability, social justice and inclusion – as well as giving a voice to young people from underrepresented communities.